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We are constantly looking for ways to further improve its desire of customer satisfaction rating through research and development.

Our wide range of hydrocarbon solvents like adhesive chemical and industrial adhesive are a good example of this with its customer benefits and unique applications. Being the first range of industrial adhesive chemical products produced in the region, it has advantages that make it ideal for use in paints, insecticides, pesticide, adhesives and other household and mechanics cleaning products.

Our solvents are used as intermediate products in a multitude of industries, and ensure the highest quality of the end products such as paints, adhesives, insecticides and pesticides, lacquer thinner ink, tannery, printing, alkyd resins, mechanical cleaning, spot remover, dry cleaning, varnishes, wood protection, water proofing, organic chemistry, rubber, textile, cleaning chemicals, soaps, agriculture, construction chemicals and oil drilling.

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